Vorige Omhoog

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In this chapter I have presented some unvarnished facts about the physiological and psychological technologies that have been applied to paedophiles (and other sex offenders). It may appear a little negative to do so given the lack of a strong database for theory and clinical 
practice. Despite their drawbacks, these measures, especially the physiological ones, have been highly influential in the development of theory about the nature of paedophilia as well as other forms  of sex 

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offending. So, when we find that they may be relatively easily faked, or that do not reveal particular trends consistently or strongly, or that they may not do the job sp well as less technological approaches, we should be less willing to assume that theories and assertions based solely on them are firmly established. 

Understanding paedophilia is an important task, but it needs to be based on realism rather than hope.

Vorige Omhoog