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[Added to the book in 2014]

Credits 1998 .HTML edition

'Sanctuary': OCR, typing and proofreading. 
'Ianthe': design, html coding and temporary web-space provision. 
'Eagle': project management.
Ipce's Webmaster: finishing touch and publishing on Ipce's website.

You could download this book [from Ipce.info] as a .zip file, for offline reading. Published on the Web, January 1998.

[NOTE: The above comments refer to the original .HTML files, not this special revised edition. The original .HTML files unfortunately contain many OCR and typographical errors. These errors have been corrected in this  edition, published 2014.]

Credits 2014 special revised e-book edition

Original source for this book: .HTML files found at: 

The hyper-links, style and page formatting of this e-book edition have been implemented by the Editor of this e-book edition. Errors contained in the .HTML files of the original OCR edition have been corrected to the extent possible.

The Editor of this edition regrets that some very minor errors may still remain. C'est la vie.

One last thing

This special e-book edition brought to you courtesy of martirwithacause, who corrected all (so we hope) OCR errors.

He writes:

Just think if this book were e-mailed to all the politicians, lawmakers and journalists around the country (or even the world!) it would make a difference.

Do you want to make a difference? Then you be the one to do it now!

The radical feminists have lied about sex between older and younger persons always being harmful.

Do you know of a young person involved in a sexual relationship with an older person? Does the young person seem happy with the relationship? Then leave them alone! Drawing the attention of others to the relationship will only cause real harm to the young person and to their older friend! And it will be all your fault!

You have now arrived at the end of the book but not at the end of the story...

Here's what you can do.

Educate yourself, educate others - and you can change the world!

It all happens by changing just one mind at a time...


- Marti

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