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BM-03 - In his well-known treatise Loving Boys: A multidisciplinary study of sexual relations between adult and minor males, Volume 1, of 1986, Dr. Edward Brongersma refers to a case of professor René Schérer, taken from the latter's book L'emprise: Des enfants entre nous (Paris: Hachette, 1979, p. 262-263).

Brongersma mentions that a 18-year-old boy called Alcide told Schérer: 

"Sex with others? Yes, I began having it very early, and I felt much closer to the people I slept with than to my mother and father, even though my relationship with my parents isn't especially bad. I started doing it with my little female cousin when I was nine; later, at eleven, it was with a man. 

In the beginning, in the relationships, I was mainly interested in tenderness (...) As for sexual pleasure, at first that was maybe less important than it became later (...) I like to sleep with someone and to be caressed." 

Schérer then asked him, "Do you have any thoughts about something which has always been poorly understood: the sexual feelings of immature children?" 

Alcide replied: "The physical excitement of sleeping with someone is the same, absolutely the same, at all ages, before and after maturity. I don't believe that my desire is stronger now than it was earlier. (...) In those days I didn't ejaculate, but the feeling was equally good. I got a hard-on and liked being touched."'

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