Ambar recounts ... the naked play

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BM-05 - Found at < > and on BoyChat, 2005. 

Ambar recounts his earliest sexual experiences, including with his best friend’s father at eight years old. 

"I was about 5 or 6 and he was probably about 10 or so when he talked me into (playing naked didn't take much talking, "You wanna get naked?" "Sure!") and we went from there. The next day he brought some of his friends who already did the naked play thing and we spent most of that summer running about naked and playing those fun games. 

When I was 8 my very, very, very best friend in the entire world (as only an 8 yo can see it) and I did a lot of naked play and touching/sucking/humping things. He told me about him and his dad doing the same thing and the next time I spent the night at his place dad introduced me to things that sent me to heaven. He became my second very, very, very best friend and so began a wonderful, loving relationship. I still adore that man :-) 

From then on, I had relations with several other boys (and a couple of girls now and then), many ages but mostly my age or younger and a few adults.'"

Of course, this case does involve a kind of parent – child incest, although not between the respondent and the adult mentioned. It is the only case in this book with this characteristic and I don't blame readers if they simply choose to ignore it. This is because since I originally included this case, I've grown much less open to the idea that there really are morally sound, voluntary and harmless incestuous relationships between parents and children. I have looked for such cases – as a separate project – but so far I've found only four, none of which were as unambiguously positive as the testimonies in this book.

Vorige Start Omhoog Volgende