André & Peter

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BM-06 - In his book Heimliche Liebe: Eros zwischen Knabe und Mann (Hamburg : Jahn & Ernst, 1997), Wolf Vogel includes several cases of male boy love. One of these concerns the relationship of André with his lover Peter. At the time of Vogel's interview with both of them, André was 27 and Peter 55.

They first met on the stairs of their apartment building, when André was a sad five-year-old boy in tears and Peter tried to comfort him. His parents used to beat him and call him names whenever he did something they didn't like and the first meeting took place in such a context. Peter took André in his arms and André spontaneously kissed Peter on his mouth. His grandparents had taught him that such a kiss was supposed to be extra loving. Peter understood this as a clear sign that the boy did not receive enough love from his parents. 

A few weeks later they met again and André followed Peter to the basement, where the boy started kissing him again. This ended in a sexual contact which André experienced as extremely wonderful. 

André did realize that what he was doing with Peter was somehow 'forbidden', though less because of the sex as such than because of the intimacy with an adult who was not his father or mother. André was afraid he might loose his adult friend and took the initiative to keep the sexual contact going. 

This first part of their friendship only lasted for a limited period of time while he was five. About seven years later, when André was twelve and a half years old, they accidentally met again. They went for a ride in Peter's car and drove to the woods nearby. There, Peter took some pictures of the boy and they also had sex again. André still lovingly recalls how Peter bought ice-cream for him. 

It took another two years before they met once more. Again, they met somewhere in the woods, André was photographed by Peter, and they had sex. Both André and Peter agree that it was André who always took the initiative to become sexual. Otherwise, it would never have happened. 

André states that Peter also helped him with his professional orientation and schooling. More in general, Peter was something of a role model for André. 

They continued having a sexual relationship until André became nineteen years old and got a girlfriend. In 1997, the sexual aspect had disappeared but they were still friends.

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