Bastiaan and his gym teacher

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BM-08 - A person who simply calls himself Bastiaan placed the following message on the website ( ) on January 25th 2009: 

I'm a heterosexual male of 60, I'm happily married and I'm the father of several children. I don't have any problems. Between the ages twelve and fourteen,  I had an intense relationship with my gym teacher. My situation at home was similar to that seen in so many families: hard working parents who had very little attention for their children in puberty. It was harder for me than for my brother and sister. 

My gym teacher Tom was a man of about 40 and he was our school's most popular teacher. He really cared for his students. He used to be a wrestling champion in the army and tried to convey his enthusiasm to us. 

I used to be quite tall for my age and had a muscular and strong body. He often gave me compliments because of this and he wanted me to do wrestling as well.

Our gym lesson was given during the last hour of the school day and I always had to run to catch the bus to the train station. One day he happened to drive by and gave me a lift to the station. That's how I managed to get home an hour earlier than usual. One day he asked me if I would like to get private lessons from him, because in his eyes I was a natural talent and he really wanted me to develop my talents. 

Of course I was honored by his attention and he would take me to the station again. I answered him bashfully: “Okay, I'll stay after class.” He locked the gym room and we got to it together, on the mat. Within a few seconds he made me submit to him with his legs. 

[Here and at several other points of the story the moderators of the forum removed sexual parts because of their strict forum policy. These parts can be summarized as: We had a sexual encounter.]

I loved it. It had to remain our secret and nobody was to know about it. No, of course not! I didn't want anyone to know about it either. 

I used to be his favorite pupil. Our relationship became more intimate every time. [...] 

One afternoon, his wife came home early, because she didn't feel well. It was a very close shave: we just finished [our sexual encounter] and suddenly, she was standing at the door. From that day on I never visited his house again. We did talk with each other at school, but his wife frowned upon his taking students home. 

He found it too risky, so our relationship became less intense until it ended altogether. After this experience I never felt the urge to have sex with a man. I still recall this relationship with good feelings. The gym teacher is not alive anymore; he died of cancer at a relatively early age.

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