Björn & Jan

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BM-11 - In his book Heimliche Liebe: Eros zwischen Knabe und Mann (Hamburg : Jahn & Ernst, 1997) Wolf Vogel includes the remarkable case of Björn and Jan, located in a major town in the North of Germany.

When Björn (32) was a young boy, he met his adult friend Jan (45) and they still had a sexual relationship at the time of the interview. 

As a 10-year-old boy, Björn felt attracted to social worker Jan because of the latter's revolutionary ideas and Björn tried to provoke him with a lot of questions and remarks about sexuality. 

One day, when Björn was eleven and a half, they happened to meet near the town's riverbank. Björn tried to get Jan sexually interested in him and when they met at Jan's place he finally succeeded. 

Björn really wanted Jan to penetrate him, but Jan declined the offer and it took Björn a year to convince him that he was not afraid of getting physically hurt in the process. The boy really enjoyed this type of penetrative sexual contact and now that he's an adult, he still does it quite often with Jan. He remarks that if one wishes to speak of seduction in this relationship, it was him who was the seducing party. 

Their relationship has always stayed a secret to those around him. Jan used to help Björn with the problems he was having with his parents, and also with his educational and professional progress

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