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"They still visit one another as often as possible."


BM-16 Sources:

Edward Brongersma gave the following useful summary of the case of a boy named Carl, previously published by Tindall.

“Carl was relatively late reaching puberty since he was beyond the middle of his 14th year before this occurred. Around the beginning of his 15th year he went on a hunting trip with his father [*], his oldest brother, and a 32-years-old engineer who worked in his father's office. The engineer was married with two young children.

[* I personally certainly do not approve of such hunting trips, but here it is important to mention this particular context.]

While in a secluded duck blind the engineer and Carl began discussing sex, which led to mutual masturbation. From this time until Carl reached his 22nd birthday there were many sexual occurrences between the two, with mutual fellatio becoming preferred.

After the engineer and his family were transferred to another city when Carl was 18, Carl made several visits to the engineer's family. Carl is now 33 years of age with two sons of his own. (…) He is a graduate of a university, a young professional, and a staunch supporter of his church. (…)

He was married at age of 27. Carl and his family still have contact with the engineer and his family and visit one another as often as possible.”

* (Cyril Galaburda suggested to me that Brongersma had discussed additional cases in his work, which were not included in previous editions of this book.)

Vorige Start Omhoog Volgende