Gently and respectfully

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BM-25 - On the forum of I found this case of a 50-year-old anonymous man.

He states that as a boy a he had two sexual relationships with an adult. 

He used to live in a village. One day, when he was nine, his 28-year-old neighbor took him for a ride on his scooter. They drove to the woods nearby and the neighbor started touching his willy, very gently and respectfully. He also showed him his own penis and taught him how to masturbate. After this experience, the boy visited the man very often, almost every day. 

When he was twelve, there was a 52-year-old biology teacher whom he trusted very much. They developed a sexual relationship which went much further than the one with his neighbor. 

The anonymous man states he's happily married to his wife and has two children to whom he never felt any sexual attraction. He is a bit bisexual.

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