I fell in love with him

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BM-32 - Case mentioned by Bruce Rind, in the Appendix of his article Gay and Bisexual Adolescent Boys' Sexual Experiences With Men: An Empirical Examination of Psychological Correlates in a Nonclinical Sample in Archives of Sexual Behavior, Vol. 30, No.4, 2001. 

This case was directly obtained by Rind from R.C. Savin-Williams. 

Boy: 12, man: 35. 

The man was a family friend; the sex was mutually initiated, oral, off and on for ten years (a couple of times per month), and "physically great." It confused the subject that the man was married, yet was willing to have sex with him.

"Eventually I fell in love with him; knew I was gay but did not broadcast this; I was curious because of the age difference. Mutual oral sex happened after he fondled me; it was the first orgasm I ever had."

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