James Dubro

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BM-35 - From: http://newgon.com/CPP/index.htm 

It concerns James Dubro, now a Canadian crime writer and documentary filmmaker. The information is taken from the Boston Magazine, from an article called Boy Crazy

In 1961, Dubro was an openly gay, sexually active fourteen year old living on Beacon Hill, and Socrates was a 22-year-old college student just coming to terms with his attraction to boys. The pair met in a Charles Street coffee shop, where Dubro stopped every day after school to sell copies of the Boston Record-American. 

“[He] chatted me up and offered to buy the five or so papers I had left,” Dubro recalls. 

Socrates took the teen back to his college dorm room, where the pair had the first of many sexual encounters and began a friendship that continues to this day. 

“[Socrates] is extremely loyal to the boys he has had relationships with,” says Dubro. “And a lot of the boys could not have survived without his assistance. To my personal knowledge, he has never abused anyone — and is, if anything, too trusting and self denying to a fault.”

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