Kirk Read

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BM-42 - Found on a website that now has disappeared. 

It concerns a gay journalist, Kirk Read, who wrote the autobiographical book 'How I learned to snap'. Here are a few lines from a review of this book by 'Trevor'

“Intergenerational sex saved my life.” – Kirk Read 

In this, Kirk Read’s first book, the nationally syndicated gay journalist explores his own childhood and adolescence, and coming to terms with his gay identity in the Bible Belt of the Shenandoah Valley. 

Read finally found that longed-for relationship, at thirteen years old, with an adult neighbor named “Rich,” which, he attests, “saved my life.” He feels that this, and other intergenerational relationships in his youth, greatly contributed to his sexual development, and goes into some detail on the subject. 

He states: 

"If it hadn’t been for sex at such a young age, my questioning phase could have stretched on for years, and would have gotten really tedious. 

Sex with an older man probably sped up my coming-out process by years. If it hadn’t been for Rich, I might have turned into a mopey Goth kid. The horror, the horror. Had our relationship been discovered, Rich could have done time in jail. During the time we were having sex, it never dawned on me that he was literally risking his freedom over me. 

American culture’s only frame of reference for sex with minors is abuse. I don’t deny that abuse occurs, but it should be addressed on a case-by-case basis. A blanket approach that criminalizes all sex between adults and minors undermines the fact that for many gay teenagers, sex with an adult can be a beautiful, life changing experience. It was for me."

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