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BM-43 - Case taken from http://www.pedofilie.nl/node/1170 

I loved it!

An anonymous respondent to a thread on the Dutch Pedofilie.nl forum writes on May first 2006:  

"In the Seventies I was a thirteen year old boy and I fell head over heels in love with a Greek man of 22. We had sex with each other and it did not harm me at all. Quite the opposite. If only I could do it again. Besides I was the asking party, I invited him to sex.

Where on earth do some people get the idea that every minor would be harmed by such a thing!!! I'm the living proof that it is not true.

For several years in a row we traveled to the same destination in Greece and I got to know him when I was eleven.

Since then, I slowly fell in love with him. What is more beautiful than to confirm this with making love. Yes, even at that age. What should I have done? Lock my feelings inside?"  

It seems this respondent is the same person as a man of 47 called Kurt. He also claims to have had a sexual relationship with a man in Greece of 23, when he was 13 years old. His message dates from April 2009 (http://www.pedofilie.nl/node/1170).

Kurt states he had watched the man while the latter was swimming in the sea and immediately fell in love with him. He was the one who took the initiative and motivated the man to have sex with him.

34 years later, Kurt is still grateful for the wonderful time he spent with him.

He would do it all over again if he could; in his view it simply was marvelous and he loved it!

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