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BM-44 - Found on a website that has disappeared now. 
The case was originally taken from BoyChat 

Under My House Tent Sleeping In Age Mates Back Yard, Neighbor AF's Bedroom and Bath. 

The kids of five, seven & eight in my part of the world in the newer neighborhoods (i.e., built since the 1940's) don't have the opportunity we did under our houses built up on foundations. Wonderful quiet private places to play 'Show Me Yours and I'll Show You Mine'. 

Finally at twelve, Ronnie in his back yard tent that summer showed me what I could do with my penis all by myself. Ronnie was scared I would tell his own young sons their dad was the jack off champ of our neighborhood. Wouldn't let me talk with them, imagine that. 


Then at fourteen, my neighbor AF [* Adult Friend - TR] did with me in his bedroom and bath what he had been wanting to do with me since I was eight years old. We are friends to this day. He was watching me squirt Ronnie. Wonder if they ever did anything? 

What happens to the bonds that could form? 
I think they are deliberately destroyed by those in authority who are scared of loosing their control over us. The destruction is usually effective. 

How many of us visit with those we had sex with as boys about that sex? Probably almost none. 

How many of us fell in love with our partners and younger friends at that age? 
I sure did. I even named my own son after one of them, the one I really - really - really loved who was five years younger than me. Hope I see him at the coming all school reunion. 

(TR: (Please note that these remarks do not need to imply an adult 'pedophile' orientation in this respondent.)



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