Loved and in love

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BM-47 - Case mentioned by Bruce Rind, in the Appendix of his article Gay and Bisexual Adolescent Boys' Sexual Experiences With Men: An Empirical Examination of Psychological Correlates in a Nonclinical Sample in Archives of Sexual Behavior, Vol. 30, No.4, 2001. 

This case was directly obtained by Rind from R.C. Savin-Williams. 

Boy: 14, man: 26 

"It was with a stranger; he initiated it; it involved oral and mutual masturbation, we did it ten more times. I was excited, was loved and in love, got affection, but was not prepared for sex [in this phase]. It was not so l much that I wanted his affection; I was attracted to him. This relationship lasted a week; then three months later we met again and we were sexual."

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