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BM-58 - From: Benjamin Rossen en Jan Schuijer, published as 

Drie interviews: Johnny, Peter & Stefan, in: 'Het seksuele gevaar voor kinderen Mythen en feiten', edited by Swets & Zeitlinger, Amsterdam, 1992, and 

Interviews with three boys , in: The Trade in Child Pornography; IPT Journal Vol. 4 - 1992 

The three interviews are also here

Here's a summary of the relevant parts of the Dutch interview with Peter (20) on March 13th 1990 

Peter met Ferdi [the same Ferdi as in Stefan's story] at a party when he was about nine or ten. 

He did a lot of things with Ferdi. He went on a holiday with him. They often swam together and they went camping. While he was having a relationship with Ferdi, from the age of nine till the age of eleven or twelve, he slept at his place almost every weekend. He had sex with him. 

After his relationship he stayed in touch with Ferdi. They can talk very well. Peter does not think there were any negative aspects to his relationship with Ferdi. He simply enjoyed himself a lot and he felt safe with Ferdi. Although decisions about their activities were taken together, he felt free. Ferdi never did anything Peter did not want to. They always clicked and if Peter did not agree with anything, he just told him. He always liked the sex a lot and felt content and protected. 

Peterís mother did not like the sexual aspect of the relationship but she did not forbid him to see Ferdi. She did put him under such a pressure though that one day he phoned Ferdi to end the relationship. Ferdi came over to ask him what was going on and he convinced Peter that Peter really wanted to go on with the relationship. 

Peter was also involved in the photo sessions with Fred [See Stefan's story] and although as such he enjoyed them a lot, he thought Fred had acted irresponsibly. 

Later on, when Ferdi went to prison, Peter decided he did not want to see him anymore, because he realized that society opposed 'pedophile' relationships. He could not cope with that. However, they remained friends after he was released.

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