Wim van de Braam

Vorige Start Omhoog Volgende

BM-74 - In a letter of June 2003 to De Nieuwe Sekstant, the journal of the NVSH (Dutch Society for Sexual Reform) Wim van de Braam stated the following:

“When I was young, I had a relationship with an adult man, although I need to add that I already knew I was gay when I was thirteen. [...]

I personally am a proponent of such relationships as long as everything happens with mutual respect and consent. Unfortunately, the outright ridiculous sex offender legislation makes it impossible for youngsters to flourish. [...] 

Concerning my own experience: it was thirty years ago, but I never got a negative feeling about it. 

I endorse it. It's high time that people come to their senses (scientists first), before youngsters are damaged beyond repair by persons who aren't capable of seeing things in the right perspective, and who close their minds to standpoints and opinions that clash with their own.”

Vorige Start Omhoog Volgende