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According to FOXnews, actor George Hamilton reveals in his new autobiographical book Don't Mind if I do (Touch Stone, 2008) that he slept with his stepmother when he was only twelve. 

"When I was very young, twelve, I had a relationship with my stepmother," he told the ladies of the View on Thursday.

The tanned star released his memoir Don't Mind If I Do on Tuesday which includes the revelation that he slept with the wife of his father, bandleader George "Spike" Hamilton. 

"It actually went on for a short period of time when I was twelve and then strangely enough when I was of age, and I was an actor in Hollywood, I met her again and she was as beautiful as ever and we had a sort of follow-up," Hamilton said.

The star of "The Godfather Part III" and "Zorro, The Gay Blade" said that his stepmother was about 28 or 30 at the time of the first sexual encounter. 

"My father never knew about it, and it was a very strange thing. But it was very normal, in a strange she didn't make me feel bad about it," Hamilton said on the program. "It wasn't dirty."

Hamilton said that his stepmother called it "cuddling" and he didn't feel abnormal about it. 

"I was molested?" he said. "Damn, I'm down for it again."

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