Girl Next Door

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BW-03 - A case from the Newgon Website 

An anonymous man recalls his relationship with the girl next door

My Story Of Consent 

Yes, consent. I gave consent when I was seven years old. My parents were friends with neighbors of ours who had a daughter named Patty. She used to babysit me, but never overnight. I remember being smitten with her. 

She was seventeen, slender build, and had long brunette hair with about a small C cup. She was very feminine but liked to roughhouse. Pinning me down and tickling me, play jokes on me, make weird noises (one she called Retarded Donald Duck) to make me laugh, play records for me. All of the fun stuff I can still remember. I really loved her and used to call her my girlfriend. 

My parents left her with me for a few days while they went out of state. I had a much older brother (mid twentie's) who used to come and go out of the house. He had clothes and all of his stuff still there. 

Anyways, I found his 'stash' in a drawer. Playboys and Hustler. I got them out and started looking at these nude women. I knew I liked it because I could feel my heart and pulse racing. Didn't know about masturbation but I was feeling something stirring in my pants. 

Patty came into his room and saw me looking at the magazines. She gave me this "oh shit" look and I thought I was going to get in trouble. But I didn't. She came over and asked me if this was the first time I'd ever seen a naked girl. I used to bathe with my mom when I was like two or something but she didn't look like what I was looking at currently. 

I then asked Patty whose "these" are, pointing to breasts. She told me they were boobs. I then pointed and said "what's this?" She said "it's called a pussy." I asked her why there was hair down there. She said everybody, boys and girls, have hair. I asked her if she did and she said yes. Then I rather boldly asked if I could see. She became embarrassed and after what felt like an eternity said OK. She drops trou and shows me. YES!!! 

Then we started looking at the Hustler mags. I saw pictures of a man performing cunnilingus on a woman. I knew about it before because a girl named Alicia I went to in Kindergarten asked me to do that to her. 

I told Patty that I had done this "pointing to the oral pic" before. She laughed but I told her I was serious and started to basically reenact it to her. I guess it might have been a bit too much for Patty because she was completely dumbfounded. 

After the awkwardness she asked me if I liked it. I said "I guess so, yeah." I then asked if I could see her naked. She grabbed a stool and took all of her clothes off. I walked around her, marveling at her naked body. She asked me if I wanted to lick her pussy and said I didn't have to if I didn't want to. I said I did. She started pointing out where and how to lick. I went down on her off and on. She started making these small moaning sounds and asked her what was wrong. She said "nothing, I like what you're doing, don't stop." 

I don't know how long it lasted initially but over the course of my parent's absence I performed oral on her. She never once asked to see me naked or "play" with me. Those couple of days were the only days we engaged in heavy sex play.

I mean she still babysat me and all that. I always asked every time she came over to let me do those things to her. Sometimes she did but briefly.

Me and her shared and strengthened our bond for each other up until the day I never saw her again. 
She joined the military is the last thing I know. But she had the decency to tell me she was leaving for service and I cried and I cried begging her not to go. Even though I was around 9 then she gave it to me straight as I "deserved to not have the news sugarcoated." 

We loved each other. She told me she did and that we should always have a special place for each other in our hearts. 

I might be an adult now and society says I should look at my precious Patty in a negative light but I can't and I won't. She did nothing wrong because there was love attached to it, because I felt it then and I feel it now. The fact still remains true that I hold her very dear to me even after not seeing her all of these years.

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