Vili Fualaau

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Here are several articles about the relationship of teenager Vili Fualaau with adult woman Mary Kay Letourneau.

"Teacher's Lover at 12 Still Loves Her 

By Sue Pleming, 21 August 2004, Reuters 

Now an adult, the former twelve-year-old lover of Mary Kay Letourneau said on Thursday he still loved his ex-teacher and hoped they could be reunited now that she was out of prison. 

Letourneau, 42, left prison in Washington state on Wednesday after serving seven years for raping her sixth-grade student, Vili Fualaau, with whom she had two children. 

In an interview with NBC's "Today" show, Fualaau, who is now 21, said he still loved Letourneau and had asked the judge to lift a lifetime "no contact" order so the two could be reunited. 

"I can't be fully happy without her," said Fualaau. 

Asked whether even after not seeing her for seven years, he was still in love with Letourneau, Fualaau said: 

"Yes I am." 

Their affair, begun when Letourneau was 34 and Fualaau just twelve, shocked the world and sparked a barrage of media coverage, including books and a television film. Fualaau has denied he was a victim and said the two were "separated without choice." 


Fualaau said he constantly thought about what it would be like to see Letourneau again. 

"What am I going to say? Am I going to hug her first, am I going to say something nice? Say something romantic? Is she going to run to me or who is going to run to who?" he said. "I want to see who she is and if she is still the same person I fell in love with," he added. 

Fualaau's mother has custody of their two children, who were allowed frequent contact with Letourneau in prison. Fualaau said he realized people were cynical about their relationship and said he was often urged to go out and meet girls his own age. 

"People say there are a lot of other girls out there ... but other relationships have not made me happy," he said. 

Asked whether he thought the relationship with Letourneau had been worth it, he replied: 

"I don't know yet. There's still more to come." 

Letourneau engaged to 21-year-old former student

CNN, Feb. 9, 2005 
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"SEATTLE, Washington Mary Kay Letourneau, the former schoolteacher jailed for more than seven years for having sex with a thirteen year old student, says she and the now-grown former student are engaged to be married. 

LeTourneau, appearing Monday night on "Larry King Live," also said that, at the time, she didn't know that having sex with a sixth-grader was a felony. LeTourneau was 34 when the relationship began, in 1996. 

The former student, Vili Fualaau, is now 21. LeTourneau is the mother of his two children. 

[...] The former schoolteacher made international headlines when she was arrested not once but twice for her relationship with the underage boy. After her first arrest, LeTourneau pleaded guilty to second-degree child rape and was sentenced to six months in jail. 

With credit for time served and good behavior, LeTourneau was released early but ordered not to have contact with the boy. 

Just weeks later, a police officer came upon the pair in a parked car. A judge re-imposed LeTourneau's original 89-month sentence. 

[...] She [...] said that she and Fualaau, from the beginning of their relationship, have always shared "a deep spiritual oneness." 

"We had a really compatible sense of humor," she said. "And just our perspective on life ..." 

LeTourneau, who told King she hopes to begin working with incarcerated women, said she believes her life had been "blessed." 

"I'm healthy," she said. "My children are healthy. And I still have a mother. And I come from a very loving family. And I have Vili."" 

Ex-teacher weds student 
"Letourneau served seven years for raping boy, now 22 

CNN, May 21, 2005  

A teacher who served more than seven years in prison for raping one of her sixth-grade students is now married to that former student. 

They already have two children. 

Mary Kay Letourneau, 43, married Vili Fualaau, now 22, in Woodinville, Washington, outside Seattle Friday. 

Letourneau was released from prison in August after serving seven and a half years for raping a child. Fualaau was thirteen -- and a student in Letourneau's class -- when the two began a sexual relationship. 

She gave birth to their daughter shortly after her 1997 conviction. 

She served six months and was released on probation, but was ordered to serve her full sentence after she and Fualaau were found together in a van, in violation of a no-contact order. 

She gave birth to their second daughter while in prison. 

Letourneau told CNN's Larry King last year that their daughters regularly visited her in prison while living with Fualaau's mother. She said her relationship with her four children from her previous marriage was not as close. 

Letourneau told King she did not know having a sexual relationship with Fualaau was a felony. 

"It just -- I knew it just didn't -- just wasn't normal," she said. "It's not that I wouldn't have still had feelings, or that he wouldn't still have feelings, but ... I don't know how anyone does something knowing something's a felony." 

During her October appearance on "Larry King Live" Letourneau said she planned to begin volunteering in a program to aid incarcerated women and said she may look for a paid job as a legal research assistant or a teacher at a community college. 

She said Fualaau, who never finished high school, was not working.

A transcript of an interview with Vili Fualaau on the Larry Elder Show can be found here: 
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Several online news sources revealed that in May 2017, Fualaau filed for separation from Letourneau. However, he later withdrew the separation filing, and (in November 2018) the two may be working towards a reconciliation as they are pushing back the court trial which would make them legally separated. There is absolutely no reason to believe that Fualaau filed for legal separation because in the end, he felt abused by her, and the withdrawal of te separation filing rather speaks for their long-standing bond.

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