Yo - very proud

Vorige Start Omhoog

BW-11 - A person who calls himself Yo (Spanish for "I") contributed the following comment to a Spanish blog about 24th June 2008, 'Pedophile' Pride day.

Yo - I always feel very proud

"I had my first sexual relationship with a girl of 25, when I was ten. Before that, we just fooled around with each other.

I share this experience with my friends and always feel very proud, because it was great. They confess that they would like to have had such an amorous neighbor when they were young. 

'Pedophilia' does not exist, it's just a name with which they label a normal action that they have demonised. What does exist is rape. 

How many guys wouldn't like to have had an experience like mine?"

Vorige Start Omhoog