Girls and women

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11 GW stories 

GW-01 A young woman talks ... 
... about the relationship she had with an adult woman as a teenager. 

GW-02 Anna was very kind and considerate
An anonymous woman recalls her crush for the 36-year-old music teacher. 

GW-03 Aunt Addie
“Our feelings for each other were deep, strong, and multi-faceted.”

GW-04 Beth Kelly  
"The fact that she was more than fifty years older than I did not affect the bond that grew between us. And, yes, I knew what I was doing - every step of the way - even though I had not, at the time, learned many of the words with which to speak of these things." [...]
"I think I can safely say, some twenty years later, that I was never exploited physically emotionally, or intellectually - in the least." 

GW-05 Heidi
"When I was thirteen I wasn't particularly interested in school, just going there like everybody else. I was a bit fast, a tomboy. I liked to party and have fun.
One day our teacher was sick and we got a new substitute teacher. She was cute and very charming; rather young too, at least in my mind. I think she was 28. She had a strong personality. The whole class talked about her; the boys were madly in love with her, and I fell in love with her too." 

GW-06 Ina - She was always so gentle and caring 
A lesbian woman, Ina, shares her experiences with her babysitter. 
"Then one day my parents decided I was too big to have a babysitter. It was the worst time in my life. I was eleven and entering puberty. I needed all support I could get and Mary was just the person I was looking for. But she couldn't see me anymore without attracting suspicion." 

GW-07 Lola's story 
"I guess I realized I was lesbian when I was about ten."[...]
"It was then, when I was twelve that I decided I was definitely lesbian." [...]
"When I was thirteen, I fell in love big time with one of my friend's older sister who was 29 at the time. [...] One thing led to another and we ended up in a serious relationship.

GW-08 Lotte with her female teacher  - “This was the most intimate relationship I have ever had”. 
She was a lot older than the male teacher was (see: GM-28), about 40 - my handicraft teacher. She was a lesbian. Everybody talked about it, but nobody really knew. She was most sweet. I ingratiated myself to her mainly because I thought she was exciting. [...]
I can remember that she hugged me, something my mother never did. I could feel her breasts. [...] I remember this as a moment of great intensity. [...]
We met regularly for the next year and a half. [...] She never told me what to do with her. [...] Today I see this as something incredibly beautiful. [...]
She meant very much to me. [...] There was a lot of harmony in my relationship with her. [...]

GW-09 Monica 
"And the so-called experts want to say that I was exploited and manipulated? Give me a break! Any power imbalance was in my favor -- my coach was always giving and loving and tender, and never demanding! Was I damaged by the relationship? Praise the goddess, no!" 

GW-10 Mrs. P van der Zee 
"She would touch me from behind and caress my breasts. I enjoyed it. I did blush and shine, but not because I was angry. Sometimes I went looking for her. This went on for two years."

GW-11 Nora de Ronde 
"When I was about fourteen, I had a crush on my scout leader. Her scout name was Ramita. For a whole school year I was under the spell of a woman twenty years older than I. Even though we lived only five minutes from each other, we wrote lengthy letters, at first at least one a day."[..]
"Even though Ramita was twenty years older, she was much more our equal than our school teachers."

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