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37 GM Stories 

GM-01 Anonymous 
''I was a child in a happy relationship with a pedophile."

GM-02 Bella 
"Not enough attention is paid to the female perspective in these relationships/flings. Its easy for society to paint the male as a 'monster', and the online communities that allow discussion on these issues are overflowing with inexperienced guys that drown out the voices of others."

GM-03 Beth 
"... a whole relationship; balanced in terms of emotional, intellectual and sexual intimacy.”

GM-04 Complete agreement  
An eighteen year old writes about being raped as a child, as well as her consensual relationship with a nineteen year old when she was twelve: 
“I was in complete agreement with all that went on in that relationship, and I was not at all manipulated. 

GM-05 Ebonychong 
"Now this was not a perv[ert] paying me for sex. He was more like a sugar daddy, but I did really love him."

[Former GM-06 - Femke - removed] 

GM-06 Fond memories 
"From the age of around six, I've had a sexual relationship with a grown-up. It's been very nice and I have only good memories of it."

GM-07 Gabby 
'I don't have issues that people that never did this kind of thing have.' 

GM-08 Handsome Neighbor 
She recalls that she really loved Clay romantically, like a woman would love a man.

GM-09 Hannah 
"Yes I know in the view of (sadly I think) many people, I was being used or even abused. But I'm sorry, I just can't see it like that. I was enjoying myself hugely, felt really good about myself and privileged that I was getting the chance to do what I wanted (even though I knew I wasn't really supposed to do it) and what made me feel good. I wasn't being forced (I was even taking the lead as much as I could) and I think the main thing that makes girls feel bad about such experiences is that there is so much negative pressure from other people telling them it is bad." 

GM-10 Hilde Dillen 
"I think it is good for parents to realise that 12- to 13-year-old teenagers - who are supposed to be neither children nor adults - can sometimes be very intensively involved in erotic relations."

GM-11 Janneke 
"He's never done anything against my will, and everything happened with love."

GM-12 Jezyka 
"I loved him and gave my virginity to him"

GM-13 Joke 
She really felt attached to him and liked being with him, and vice versa. She thinks the sexual contacts helped her in her sexual development.

GM-14 Judith Levine 
"In the summer of '67, a man gave a girl the innocent gift of her emerging erotic self. I wonder if I could receive it with such happiness and grace were I a girl today." 

GM-15 Karina 
"And love is not a question of age."

GM-16 Kate Winslet 
'He was very much the love of my life during those years.'

GM-17 Kathy 
"He's been great to me, gentle and sweet, and has never forced me to do anything. [...] Not all of the meetings between older and younger people are horrible, and people should make some distinctions."

GM-18 kimxxxyyy 
"We had a normal relationship and I still see nothing wrong with it.”

GM-19 Koekie 
All in all, Koekie concludes that it is a "beautiful story." She's mostly satisfied with the way things went and she feels she owes her best friend to the relationship. 

GM-20 La Chispa 
What is less known about flamenco singer Camarón is that, in 1976, he married a gypsy girl, Dolores Montoya, whom he nicknamed "La Chispa" (the Spark). He had met the girl when he was 23 years old and he asked for her hand in marriage when she was only fourteen. 

GM-21 Lori Mattix - “I saw David many times [...] and it was always great.” 
“I was an innocent girl, but the way it happened was so beautiful. I remember him looking like God and having me over a table. Who wouldn’t want to lose their virginity to David Bowie?”
"You need to understand that I didn’t think of myself as underage. I was a model. I was in love. [...] It was a period in which everything seemed possible. [...] Now people are terrified."
"Am I going to regret this? No.”

GM-22 Mama1990 
They are still together, have a son together and love each other very much.

GM-23 Mary Ivanovna Gogol 
"It is impossible to describe how much my husband loved me" 
Mary Ivanovna Gogol (1791–1868) [...]  married [...] in 1805, aged 14, when the latter was 27 years old. 

GM-24 Maya 
"Whenever I think of Roel, I still get a good feeling inside." 

GM-25 Melkor 
"... I feel absolutely no regrets about it.”

GM-26 Mona and Jim 
Mona fell in love with Jim Håkon when she was nine years old. She sent him a love letter, and has had his picture hanging on the wall for ten years. And now they have been married for almost three years and have two kids.

GM-27 Nino Chavchavadze - The most important thing for her was Griboyedoff's glorious name. 
Alexander and Nino married when he was 32 and she was 15. He died when she was only 16. Nino later told her sister’s husband, David Dadiani: 
“I could never imagine a happiness greater than my love for Alexandre Griboyedoff. Unfortunately, this love was kidnapped from me, and my happiness followed. My love is buried on Mtatsminda Hill, and my heart, still burning in love, lies in my husband’s grave. When this love disappears, I will also die physically and morally. There are many who cannot imagine this. They surprise me. They have probably never loved and cannot love anybody.” 

GM-28 No regrets 
"I've never had any regrets." 

GM-29 Passionate relationship 
"During our relationship I did not see him as a pedophile, but simply as a man I passionately fell in love with and with him I had a passionate relationship.” 

GM-30 Play Eva 
"I look back on it now as an odd but fine first experience; in fact I liked it so much that, when I went home, I asked if I could come and "play Eva" (as he called it) again. [...] It certainly has done me no harm."

GM-31 Rachel 
"My current boyfriend, who is a psychology major at the local university, now tells me that I should hate that neighbor and his son for 'what they did to me, but I can't bring myself to do that. I enjoyed the intimacy, the touching, the emotional bonding that occurred. I was not 'molested', I was a willing and active participant in the whole process, and I am not scarred in any way by what happened." 

GM-32 Saggie 
Did you ever have sexual relations with adults during childhood? 
Saggie: Not during childhood but as a teenager, from the age of 14. I had a serious romance with a constant partner from the a ge of 15 till 18.

GM-33 Salamander 
"There's nothing wrong with a beautiful friendship, and challenging each other is a natural part of this. "

GM-34 Sarah 
"Very happy"

GM-35 So what? 
"He simply is a good man and yes, he's a pedophile. I'd like to say: so what? [...] Life is not black and white.”

GM-36 Two Doors Down 
"He never asked anything of me that I considered inappropriate." 

GM-37 Wendy 
"He was much more responsive and much more concerned about me than the boys of my own age."

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