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"It had a pretty big impact on my life and it wasn't negative"

GM-03 - Bella is a former member of the Newgon Forum. Judging from her posts she is a college student who as a young girl had a relationship with an adult man. She opposes childpornography.

She shares the following information about her relationship

As long as it is a consensual relationship and not abuse or incest, I see nothing wrong with it. Obviously the girl (or boy) should be old enough to know what is going on. That is an issue itself as each child is different. 

I had a relationship with a 19 year old guy when I was almost ten and it lasted over a year. It had a pretty big impact on my life and it wasn't negative.

The only things I could perceive as negative is how it mainly revolved around sex but that wasn't his fault. We had to keep it discrete so that really limits your options. When the relationship ended, I became pretty promiscuous and that wouldn't have happened had we stayed together. (...)

Considering writing a book about that relationship and its impact on my life once I finish college. Not enough attention is paid to the female perspective in these relationships/flings. Its easy for society to paint the male as a 'monster', and the online communities that allow discussion on these issues are overflowing with inexperienced guys that drown out the voices of others."

In a later post, she adds: 

I've led a pretty good life and had tons of fun and don't need an expert telling me I'm 'depressed' because I had sex on an almost daily basis when I was ten.

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