Danielle Morrison

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We are still together and we have a great relationship

GM-07 - Source: Quora: Answers to If a minor (13-15) enjoys a sexual relationship with an adult (25+), does that make it consensual?
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Danielle Morrison was a female participant on Quora. She responded to questions on this website on a variety of topics, such as Islam, adult sexuality, rape, and medical conditions. Unfortunately, Quora banned her account, but does not mention why. It would not be surprising if this related to her standpoint on 'pedophile' relationships, but if this is the case, it is rather strange that this standpoint is still visible on the website.
Danielle Morrison certainly does not seem to be someone who simply wanted to promote 'pedophilia' with a fake story, and who therefore had taken on a false identity. In the answer below, she also claimed that as an adult, she continued to be in the relationship with the same person, which is hardly what a ruthless child molester would find an attractive option.
Here are the main parts of her testimony dated November 25th 2016, responding to the Quora question If a minor (13-15) enjoys a sexual relationship with an adult (25+), does that make it consensual?

"I was 13ish when I consented to sex with my boyfriend who is many years older than me. We are still together and we have a great relationship. I look back and think why is everyone making such a fuss, we had fun and it worked really well.
I think we intellectualize sex and sexuality too much. I would prefer if everyone just accepted having sex as a normal, natural and instinctive behavior and not add too much scrutiny, analysis and unnecessary debate about the why's, the when's, the why not's and the how's.
What is most important in this situation is to make sure there is no abuse - physical or emotional, no violence, no drugs, no alcohol involved. Also, it is very important that precautions are made mandatory against pregnancy and STDs [sexually transmitted diseases, TR]. In fact, I would go further and make it a rule that the guy MUST have a Medical check up to make sure he is free from STDs. There should be some surveillance and supervision to make sure the older guy is caring and not abusive and if things do continue to thrive, then why not allow the relationship to continue? Why is there so much time, effort, resources, money etc etc spent, when in fact, all that funding trying to chaperone a teen's sexuality and sexual debut, could be spent on education and preparing the teen to help them against pregnancy and STDs. (...)
There are many many teens who are doing this. Most go undetected. Older guy / younger girl relationships are rife. The ones that come to light is just the tip of the iceberg.
Now when the girl gets sprung, the law swoops down and social workers, psychologists, society, parents and everyone and their dog, the media etc etc get involved. The girl is scared and through brainwashing and mental priming and through guided conversations and questioning the girl then claims she was forced into the relationship. How else would she escape being called a slut or a whore? Remember she is just 13 and what the law does is extremely unfair and unnecessary. This is what destroys the 13 yr old, NOT the relationship. They were having fun and enjoying the relationship until they were sprung. The girl cannot understand how the enjoyable thrilling fun time she has been having is now suddenly a crime and she is scared so she shifts the blame on to the guy and there you go PRESTO! he is now a predator, a criminal, a paedophile (a very wrongly, misused term - I tell you people are so very ignorant).
Is this how we want society to conduct itself? We are all part of this crap. Surely their efforts could be directed to more important things."

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