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GM-08 - A woman who calls herself ebonychong shared the following (slightly edited) story on an internet forum, about her early teenage years, and asks for response (which turns out to be mostly negative of course): 

I did really love him

"'My story is: I had sex at 12 with an older man, and I liked it. 

It was my very first sexual encounter with a man. He took care of me, would buy me pretty things. 
I would go home and my mother would wonder where I got all these things and money from. 

Now this was not a perv[ert] paying me for sex. He was more like a sugar daddy, but I did really love him. Not only that he was my training ground for sexual experiences, far from what I knew. 

It was a turn on at such a young age to have this older man caressing, and holding me in his arms, sexing me night and day. 

So what I wanted to ask is why is it so bad to some people if a older guy wants to take care of a young girl. He's not hurting her or abusing her. So why do so many people have a problem with it, and label it as paedophilia? What do you think about this, honestly?"

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