Fond memories

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"I have very fond memories of it"

GM-10 - In May of 2011, a Dutch-speaking anonymous woman of 27 shared her positive experiences as a young girl with an adult man on a forum at 

"From the age of around six, I've had a sexual relationship with a grown-up. It's been very nice and I have only good memories of it. It concerned Peter, he was around 40 and he was living nearby. He was living alone and was something of a family friend. He often used to help my father with chores around the house or in the garden. And he also enjoyed joining in at our meals. I really clicked with him and we often used to frolic around with each other before I went to bed."

Peter also used to take her on a boat trip. He had a nice parrot and a large model train track. He was a gifted babysitter and a combination of an older brother, a friend and a playmate. He used to read her old copies of Donald Duck Magazine while she was sitting on his lap and he would stroke her hair and give her a few kisses on the head. 

"He really loved me and I loved him. We were always very fond of each other." 

The sexual part emerged gradually, in a playful fashion. They ended up having sex on an almost daily basis. During secondary school she did have a boy friend of her own age but she continued to see Peter. Even now, they occasionally have sex, although not as often as they used to, because the woman has moved to a different region after finishing university.

"Looking back at my childhood with Peter, I have very fond memories of it."

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