Hilde Dillen

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GM-14 - From a website that no longer exists.

The first book by Belgian writer Hilde Dillen, called Koorddansen, consists of the fictional story of sixteenth-year old Daniel who tries to come to terms with the dead of his teacher Leonard with whom he had a relationship during about a year. 

In the May-June 1997 issue of Zizo, a magazine for gay and bisexual men and women, Mark Sargeant published an article entitled ‘Ik rouw van jou - Jeugdschrijfster Hilde Dillen’. 

A few quotes from Hilde Dillen: 

'At first I had intended to write about a very beautiful love relationship I used to have with a man who was 17 years older when I was a child of 13-14. But I think one should not be too revealing about such things, because it won't do you any good and it won't do your book any good either.'

'There's a lot of personal stuff in this work, based on my own life as a child and as a developing adult. Because of the relationship I experienced some situations in which I was dissected and rejected, at school, in your immediate environment... I think it is good for parents to realise that 12- to 13-year-old teenagers - who are supposed to be neither children nor adults - can sometimes be very intensively involved in erotic relations.'

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