La Chispa

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GM-26 - José Monge (or Monje) Cruz known as Camarón de la Isla (1950-1992) was one of the greatest flamenco singers of the 20th Century and he still has many followers today. 

What is less known about flamenco singer Camarón is that, in 1976, he married a gypsy girl, Dolores Montoya, whom he nicknamed "La Chispa" (the Spark). He had first met the girl about a decade before and he asked for her hand in marriage when she was only fourteen. 

Together they had four children. On a range of websites, La Chispa is mentioned as the love of his life and she is also mentioned as his 'viuda' (widow). 

The Reportaje de TV del entierro de Camarón (TV Report on Camarón's funeral) consists of a video about Camarón, his funeral, and La Chispa. In it she says that he "was a very good person and a very good husband and artist". 

In this show we see Camarón, La Chispa and their children: 
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According to other sites, the often deified Camarón turned out to be human after all, because he really smoked too much, which brought about the lung cancer he died from at a very young age. He also did some drugs. The most negative thing I read about him was that for some time he wanted to be a bullfighter, something which unfortunately is not all too uncommon in flamenco circles, for historical reasons. 

On a more neutral note, he could be quite capricious about expensive beautiful cars, while at the same time being callado (introverted) and raro (eccentric). 

I haven't found anything bad about his relationship with La Chispa (as such) though. I did find: "La Chispa, que lo adoraba" (La Chispa who adored him). 

In a videoclip on YouTube, titled "Camarón de la Isla y la Chispa: noviazgo y boda" (Camarón de la Isla and La Chispa: Courtship and wedding), it is confirmed that they got engaged when she was 14 and he was around 23. Furthermore, La Chispa discloses to the interviewer that Camarón had shown interest in her since she was 9 and seemed to have waited for her until she was 14.
She adds that she fell for Camarón because of his personality and originality, and that after his death he remained just as important for her as during his lifetime.d
La Chispa also used to visit (or still visits) his grave for years after his funeral. For four years, she mourned for him ('ella estuvo cuatro años llorando') and she became so depressed that she did not eat enough. She simply did not know what to do without him and their children were being looked after by her father and sister. Dolores was saved from her depression when her children told her that if she stopped eating, they would too. 

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