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GM-31 - The following account is taken from a letter sent to the Dutch journal OK Magazine, number 36, April 1992 

Censorship in 'Rondom Tien' [*]

Letter from Maya 

[* A Dutch TV show about 'pedophilia'] 

"I'm a woman of 29 and from the age of fourteen, I have had a sexual relationship with a man of 35 for the duration of one and a half year. In the meantime I'm myself a mother of two children of ten and seven. 

I experienced my relationship with Roel - the man in question - as very secure and pleasant. Immediately after my parents found out they tried to make the relationship impossible as much as they could, but they did not involve the police. Also, the end of the relationship was natural and therefore it was not traumatic.

Whenever I think of Roel, I still get a good feeling inside. 

Now, after a while, I notice that the program [of the Dutch show Rondom Tien about 'pedophilia'] left me with a feeling that [the message was:] 'this can never be good for a child.' Without my own experiences in the past and my present friendships, I would probably have believed this."

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