Mona and Jim

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GM-33 - A person who uses the nickname Bottle posted "A true love story" on Girl Chat 
( ). 

It concerns Mona, a young Norwegian mother-of-three. Bottle translated the following from the original site he/she found the case on ( ).

Here it is (slightly edited by Rivas):

"Mona fell in love with Jim Håkon when she was nine years old. She sent him a love letter, and has had his picture hanging on the wall for ten years. And now they have been married for almost three years and have two kids. [...]

Translated from the audio interview: [...]
- But how old was Jim in those days? 
- Eighteen.
- You were nine and he was eighteen? 
- Hehehe, yes!
I don't remember when I sent him that love letter, but it was maybe the first thing I did, more or less. It is true that he of course needed to know my thoughts about him. I remember the letter paper, that it was yellow, with blue elephants. [...] Yes, around that age.
- Every time I find that letter, I remember. That it was that one. Eh, I remember that I wrote it, I remember that I posted it, and I remember that when it left (with the postman) I was feeling very sick and wished I hadn't done it... And I was hoping that it wouldn't arrive. But, clearly, it arrived the very same day. 
So when I think about it, I have experienced some strange stuff with that man."

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