Two Doors Down

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GM-44 - A female poster on an internet forum who calls herself "TwoDoorsDown" contributed her views on age differences within relationships. 

He never asked anything of me that I considered inappropriate 

Among other things, she wrote, 

"I am a 19-year-old woman recently married, quite happily, to a 42-year-old-man. However, I consider our relationship to be out of the ordinary. My husband was my Dad's best friend from before I was born and I have known him all my life. His first wife died while I was still a child. We developed a friendship and a bond that eventually blossomed into romance. 

He was extraordinarily patient. He never asked anything of me that I considered inappropriate. He nearly always allowed me to take the initiative, yet always made me feel comfortable about it. 

We did have a period of time when our love was supposed to be secret, but when we publicly announced our engagement, we discovered that our family and his friends were so used to seeing us together that it didn't come as much of a surprise at all. My friends were envious."

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