Anna was very kind and considerate

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GW-02 - In the Martijn archives there is the following case in Martijn Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 3, 18-19, January 1981 (Anna - een vrouw vertelt over haar relatie met een lerares) 

An anonymous woman recalls her crush for the 36-year-old music teacher, Anna, from the age of 13 

Anna was very kind and considerate and the girl really wanted to become close to her. At the time, she was quite lonely. 

The girl tried to get in touch with Anna and waited for her after school so that they could walk to the tramway together. Anna didn't seem surprised and so this became something of a ritual for them. They talked very openly about many different subjects, ranging from problems at school to personal issues. Even at school they talked a lot and this attracted some attention from her peers and other teachers. The girl could not imagine that there was anything wrong about her friendship with Anna. 

After about a year, the girl also visited Anna at her place. Anna enjoyed her visit so that she could repeat it. 

One day, Anna had some minor health problems and had to stay home. The girl really felt sorry for her and she started stroking her hair. Anna also started caressing the girl and the latter joined her in bed. They kissed and stroked each other, which was initiated by Anna. The girl felt very safe and enjoyed it a lot and afterwards she had a strong urge to tell her parents all about it, which she did not, because she felt it might destroy everything. 

After this first erotic episode, it had become a lot easier to touch each other and the girl often initiated such contacts. In the end, they stroked each other till they both got an orgasm. 

For the girl this meant an enjoyable experience, comparable to what she felt when she came during masturbation. She does admit that Anna's orgasms frightened her a bit, because it seemed as if Anna became someone else during her climax, rolling her eyes and making a lot of noise. The girl did not particularly like this, but she did continue to touch her because she knew how much Anna enjoyed it. 

After a while, social pressure as school mounted so much that Anna thought the girl had talked about their relationship. The school's principal told her she had to stop seeing Anna. 

Anna started panicking about the whole affair and she even told the girl's mother that she was stalking her. 

Her parents wondered whether the girl was a lesbian. 

The girl had several relationships with boys, until at the age of twenty, she fell in love with a woman. Their relationship still lasted at the time of the interview.

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