Aunt Addie

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GW-03   - Source: 'Op zoek naar identificatie'; addition to artikel 'COC: Jongeren moeten kunnen experimenteren - Nieuwe zedelijkheidswetgeving' by Marty PN van Kerkhof; XL, Volume 9, nr. 2; 2000 

Gea Zijlstra, a Dutch activist for homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders,  believes that gay youngsters of both sexes may benefit from a relationship with an adult. To illustrate this, she refers to a case of a anonymous woman who as a teenager had a relationship with a much older lesbian by the name of Aunt Addie. The relationship took place in the 1950s and lasted several years. 

Zijlstra quotes the woman as saying (free translation): 

“The first woman whom I also loved and with whom I had sexual contact was an aunt of mine; our feelings for each other were deep, strong, and multi-faceted. And yes, I knew what I was doing; I was aware of every step I was making, even though I hardly had the words to talk about such things at that age. Aunt Addie was a dynamic, intelligent and creative woman. She had been in a monogamous relationship with a woman for over 20 years. When our relationship began, her girlfriend had died about two years before.”

Aunt Addie taught her things like knitting and embroidery, but she also liked it when the girl was running or climbing trees and she encouraged her during swimming. 

“Addie was really exciting. I was desperately looking for women with whom I could identify, women who showed me there were alternatives to the kind of life my mother was leading."

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