Loose contacts

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25 LC stories  

LC-01 A pleasant sexual experience 
“She still believes this was one of the most exciting experiences she ever had.”

LC-02 Aircraft worker 
An aircraft maintenance worker describes his first experience at thirteen with a man of about thirty [...] “I never felt used. I really wanted it," 

LC-03 Allen Ginsberg 
“I had sex when I was eight ..." 

LC-04 Antonio 
It was marvelous

LC-05 Arno 
"I was about ten, the men were about twenty and the contacts continued until I was sixteen to seventeen years old. [...] With one of them it started when he touched my legs, which I found agreeable, and so I allowed him to do so."

LC-06  Agusten Borroughs - He was a hunky young guy in the wrong career who got my rocks off 
“Catholic priests have given me some of the best blow jobs of my life.”

LC-07  Dan Savage - I initiated them and cherish their memory 
"It's absurd to think that what I did at fifteen would be considered “child sexual abuse”, or lumped together by lazy researchers with the incestuous rape of a five-year-old girl.” 

LC-08 Dave Douglas - 'If anything, we seduced her' 
"Now, of course, the law would jail the girls for rape. And this is the trouble: you can talk up a case of ‘abuse’ by altering the meaning of facts and terminology, making this whole thing complex and difficult when really it’s a perfectly natural process. The law today would say I had been a ‘victim’. Actually, I wasn’t, and no-one had done anything remotely wrong."

LC-09 Edmund White 
Noted gay novelist Edmund White talks about picking up men at Chicago beaches and public restrooms from the age of thirteen or fourteen. 

LC-10 Fourteen 
'All in all I don't recall how many times I had sex whilst I was underage, it was always with strangers though, and they were always much older.' 

LC-11   Gad Beck - I have never forgotten the happiness of that first encounter 
Beck commented that he “never had any feeling that it was wrong to accost my teacher in the shower. It happened spontaneously.” […] He had done something for me. And I have never forgotten the happiness of that first encounter.” 

LC-12 Guus Harms 
"It was my own choice and in fact, it was enjoyable." 

LC-13 Hans van Manen 
"At the age of eleven, I tried to seduce adult men ..." 

LC-14   Harry Hay - The most beautiful gift 
“One evening, when the two walked alongside the moonlit ocean, Hay was swept by the physical sensations. When Hay clasped the man's hand, the boy was afraid the sailor might respond violently. Instead, it turned into Hay's first lovemaking with an adult."

LC-15  Jordi 
Jordi felt attracted by the man's masculinity and decided to approach him

LC-16 Mark Medlock 
Medlock states that a the age of eight, he first got sexually involved with a man ...

LC-17 Neil 
He enjoyed having sex with adult men from the age of nine.   

LC-18 Pim Fortuyn 
He reveals that he had early sexual experiences with adult males, which he claims to have found pleasurable and exciting. His logic is that because he enjoyed sexual experiences with adult men as a child, it should be legal.

LC-19 Pleemobiel 
Beautiful memories, nothing wrong with them!

LC-20 Quique 
“I was extremely aware of what I was doing, and that I wanted to do it, that I was dying to do it.”

LC-21 Salomon 
As a 14-year-old boy he seduced a 23-year-old woman. It was consensual [...]. 

LC-22 Shortest shorts 
"The imitative always came from me. I used to wear my shortest and cutest shorts ... [...]
I am only sorry that I never had what I was really looking for: an older friend with whom I could enjoy not only sex but all kinds of things, someone who could teach me about everything."

LC-23 University professor 
A man recounts his first sexual encounter at thirteen with a man in his 40s, calling it “a pretty good introduction to sexuality".

LC-24 William Armstrong Percy III ... 
... says that when he was fourteen, he seduced a male soldier while traveling on a train. -...] "Basically I think if it's not done with force, not done brutally or anything, it's not necessarily bad for teen-age boys to have an older boyfriend,"

LC-25 Yes or No 
“Not a single one ever abused me. I was free to say 'YES!!!!' and also knew how to say 'NO!' if there were ever anything I might not want.”

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