A pleasant sexual experience

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LC-01 - An anonymous woman on Pedofilie.nl revealed in September 2011 that she was often dreaming about sex with her 27-year-old schoolmaster. He was a natural flirt in his contacts with women and she really found this interesting and fascinating. She often fantasized about him, although he was not so much physically attractive. She felt attracted by his character and behaviour.

One day, she caught him repeatedly staring at her nipples, which were visible through her t-shirt. She didn't feel uncomfortable and even smiled at him whenever he was looking at her, and it led to something of a game. At night, she was fantasizing about him a lot. 

Every week, the school master visited some pupil to get acquainted with his or her parents. This inspired the girl to invite herself over to have lunch with him, alone, and he agreed. When she visited him, they first had a serious conversation about their hobbies. After they had lunch, he switched on the TV. They sat down on the couch together and she threw her legs over his legs in a playful, innocent way. 

She really felt comfortable, experiencing some kind of lust. She intentionally created a situation in which his attention would be repeatedly drawn to her nipples again. When he did stare at them several times, she got a warm feeling inside. She lay her head on his lap, laughing and watching television. 

Suddenly, she looked him straight in the eyes, her head still on his lap, hoping that he would kiss her. When he hesitated she put her mouth near his mouth and they kissed. He was very embarrassed and shocked. She asked him: “What's wrong?” and added: “I won't tell anyone, it doesn't matter.”

He told her he couldn't do this, but she didn't understand. She tried to get his penis out of this trousers, but he repeated that this was really wrong. She asked him why and put her hand on his 'manhood' while he still had his trousers on. She was very excited and tried to do it again and he let her mouth touch his penis. She found the whole experience extremely interesting, but that's where it ended. 

She still believes this was one of the most exciting experiences she ever had and is glad she could satisfy her curiosity. She has no regrets about it and thinks she used to be a true Lolita.

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