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LC-05 - A person who calls himself Arno went into a rather extensive e-mail exchange with T. Rivas about his sexual contacts with two men as a child. 

Here are his main experiences: 

"I was about ten, the men were about twenty and the contacts continued until I was sixteen to seventeen years old. I knew them through Chiro, a Catholic youth movement in Belgium, in which they worked as supervisors. 

With one of them it started when he touched my legs, which I found agreeable, and so I allowed him to do so. The other one addressed me separately and asked me to grab his dick, which I did without hesitation. I really enjoyed all of this and also found it quite exciting. 

In the long run, we did everything with each other. They taught me how to jerk them off and give them a blow job. I let them undress me completely and made myself available as their toy. 

I never did it with both of them at the same time and they never penetrated me. We played our games in the bushes, but also at their places, in bed or in the car. I remember that it was very exciting to do it the car, as I gave (one of) them a blow job during the ride. They never had to ask me. That's how much I enjoyed doing it. 

Apart from this, I had no emotional relationship with him. For all of us it was purely sexual. I never felt ambivalent about the sex. I think what made it so exciting was that the sex was forbidden and therefore very attractive. 

These purely sexual contacts taught me to separate sex and love. They don't need to be connected in your life. 

Nowadays I continue have loose contacts - but exclusively with women - on a regular basis, and there is no love involved. I'm married."

Vorige Start Omhoog Volgende