Dan Savage

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I initiated them and cherish their memory 

LC-07 - Source: Article by Bruce Rind 'Blinded by Politics and Morality - A Reply to McAnulty and Wright' in Censoring Sex Research

Dan Savage is an American who is responsible for a nationally syndicated sex-advice column known as Savage Love and author about same-sex marriage and gay adaptation. 

When the Rind et al. meta-analysis was under attack from religious conservatives, victimologists, politicians and talk show hosts, Savage wrote the following in his column: 

“Why is this controversial? Speaking as a survivor of CSA [child sexual abuse] at fourteen with a twenty-two-year old woman; sex at fifteen with a thirty-year-old man – I can back the researchers up; I was not traumatized by these technically illegal sexual encounters; indeed, I initiated them and cherish their memory. It's absurd to think that what I did at fifteen would be considered “child sexual abuse”, or lumped together by lazy researchers with the incestuous rape of a five-year-old girl.”

Vorige Start Omhoog Volgende