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LC-10 - A gay man from the UK posted a message on an  internet forum about so-called paraphilias. After I had quoted from that message, mentioning his nickname, he contacted me via e-mail. This gave me the opportunity to ask him several questions. Here are his answers:

'All in all I don't recall how many times I had sex whilst I was underage, it was always with strangers though, and they were always much older.' 

"I'll tell you what I remember. 

'It was in yahoo chat, summer of 2000. I was fourteen at the time and going through some traumatic experiences at home, which I think is relevant just to mention, because it made me more risk inclined.

Anyway, we had not long had the internet, and my folks made the mistake of putting the computer in a separate room. I'd been wanking since I was twelve, and had begun to use the computer for accessing gay pornography, so I knew what sex was all about. 

I also used it to chat to school friends etc... and often went on Yahoo Chat. I used to deliberately go into the gay room, at first just to chat to other gay men, but pretty soon I knew I wanted to meet one. 

I happened to meet a guy who was in a neighbouring county. We chatted, he had a microphone and I heard his voice and liked it. I don't recall seeing a picture before we met though. He drove all the way to meet me outside of our local superstore. 

He was pleasant enough looking, in his early forties. Very well spoken. Anyway, we drove back to his, chatted some more, listened to music (Pink Floyd, which I recall thinking was rather crusty), played video games, and then things seemed to get a bit awkward. 

On reflection I think the man must have been feeling a pang of guilt for what he was doing, and he even asked if I was OK as he said I looked uncomfortable. I said I was fine, and pretty much knew at that point that I was expected to have sex with him, so I did. 

It was mutual oral, and then he fucked me with a condom. It was uncomfortable, but not painful. I can't say I enjoyed the experience that much, and never saw him again. 

It did not put me off gay sex though, and I have been regularly cruising online ever since. I also went through a phase of cottaging, and when I was fourteen and fifteen used to meet men in a local gents, before it was pulled down. 

All in all I don't recall how many times I had sex whilst I was underage, it was always with strangers though, and they were always much older. I'm still having sex with guys that are quite a bit older now, so it was probably quite formative.

I do not consider what that man did to me to be paedophilia. Though I was two years under age, and technically a minor, I was not biologically a minor. I was sexually mature and knew my own mind at that age. It was a personal decision... though looking back I am amazed at some of the risks I took."

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