Gad Beck

Vorige Start Omhoog Volgende

I have never forgotten the happiness of that first encounter 

LC-11 - Source: Article by Bruce Rind 'Blinded by Politics and Morality - A Reply to McAnulty and Wright' in Censoring Sex Research

Gad Beck (1923-2012) was a German, homosexual with a partially Jewish
background who related with delight his first homosexual encounter, which happened during the Nazi regime, when Beck was 12. This encounter was with his 22-year-old gym teacher. Rind writes: 

“One day he and the teacher were the last two in the showers. Beck recalled that he “was overcome with unrestrained desire”, walked over to the man while still naked, and snuggled into the bathrobe that the man had just put on. He embraced the man and noticed that the man was also aroused. Beck recalled that he “relished the feeling.” They caressed and rubbed against each other and both orgasmed. 

Beck commented that the “nicest thing for me was that he reciprocated the affection by putting his arms around my shoulders. I had taken him by surprise, but then “ran home beaming with delight”, breathlessly and naively telling his mother – his mother's reaction, surprising in retrospect, was, “Aha, I thought so [that young Beck was gay].” Beck commented that he “never had any feeling that it was wrong to accost my teacher in the shower. It happened spontaneously.” […] He had done something for me. And I have never forgotten the happiness of that first encounter.”

Vorige Start Omhoog Volgende