William Armstrong Percy III

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LC-24 - An article taken from Associated Press, November 26, 2000, Sunday, BC cycle states: 

William Armstrong Percy III says that when he was fourteen, he seduced a male soldier while traveling on a train. 

"I never got enough sex with an older man. I don't see that I was harmed at all, except being deprived of not having more," said Percy. "I was already the aggressor." 

Percy, now 66 and a history professor at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, is known for his disarming bluntness on gay issues. His own sexual experiences - which he estimates number more than 10,000 - contributed to his belief that the age of consent between men and boys should be lowered to fourteen. 

Percy has also authored a book called "Pederasty and Pedagogy in Archaic Greece" and an article titled "Pederasty in the Western Mind." He says his work isn't done just to get attention. 

"Basically I think if it's not done with force, not done brutally or anything, it's not necessarily bad for teen-age boys to have an older boyfriend," Percy said, citing the ancient Greeks and Romans as "flourishing societies in which those relationships were accepted and, in some cases, encouraged."

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