Memories of a Platonic relationship

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5 PR cases

PR-01 Alice Liddell: “He was the kindest friend a child could have.” 
In a BBC-documentary, Vanessa Tait, great-granddaughter of Alice Liddell says, “My understanding is that he was in love with Alice, but he was so repressed that he never would have transgressed any boundaries."

PR-02 David Hemmings: He was incredibly warm to me 
"He was incredibly warm to me, yes. Was he infatuated with me? Yes, he was. He was a gentleman; there was no sort of overt sexuality about it whatsoever. It was a very kind and very loving and very gentle relationship."

PR-03 He was a good pedophile - by Anonymous
"He was the nicest man I had ever met! He was a good pedophile, and we were very good friends. I loved him and he loved me! But there was nothing sexual about it! There's nothing wrong with that at all."

PR-04 Khash 
He was a good man and he treated me as a friend.... not an object and not a sex partner but a friend.

PR-05 Macaulay Culkin about his friendship with Michael Jackson 
"We had a really close relationship. We had this understanding of one another. "

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