He was a good pedophile

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PR-03 - By Anonymous

Although it is not entirely clear whether the person in the following case from an internet forum only had warm platonic feelings for the particular girl involved, he certainly did not express any non-platonic feelings erotically.

Here's the anonymous story: 

"I have an example of a good 'pedophile'. When I was in fifth grade (I was ten or eleven at the time), my teacher was definitely a 'pedophile'. Some people disagreed with me at the time but I knew it. I just knew it. 

The thing is, he did not gawk at me or the other girls. He treated us like we've never been treated before. Our opinions always mattered to him. Everything we said was more important to him than any other adult. He didn't look down on us like children. 

The thing is, he treated the boys like inconsequential kids. This is how I knew something was going on. I can't remember now, but at the time the evidence piled up and I am 100% positive he was a girl-loving 'pedophile'.
His intern would come in and try to speak to him, but if I was talking he would listen and refused to be interrupted. There was a look in his eyes and I knew there was something going on in his head.

He was a good 'pedophile'. He never tried to hug me, never flirted with me, and never ogled me. He was the nicest man I had ever met! He was a good 'pedophile', and we were very good friends. I loved him and he loved me! But there was nothing sexual about it! There's nothing wrong with that at all. 
Antis are just desperate for an excuse to hate."

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