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PR-04 - A woman who calls herself Khashka or Khash shares the following experience on an internet forum:

"OK this might freak some people out ...

From 12 to 14, I was involved with a guy in his 40's. What attracted me? Pale skin and dark hair, he was a nice decent guy.

And though he was a 'pedophile' we never had sex - when I would beg him to he'd tell me I wasn't old enough to know what I really wanted.
No we did not stay together."

"He never touched me, encouraged me, or manipulated me. He did try to be a mentor and a friend and he was.

And though he was a 'pedophile', he was a good one. He taught me that just because you feel something doesn't mean you have to act on it. Sometimes it would be wrong.

He was a decent man, that was part of the attraction. And though I wanted to and he wanted to, nothing sexual ever happened. But we did love each other."

"The man never touched me, never saw me naked. Tried to teach me some basic rules of how to live a good and respectful life. If he got a sexual thrill out of it, then I'm glad, he deserved something in return.

And I don't wanna argue this because

A) I don't give a fuck about anyone else's opinion and

He was a good man and he treated me as a friend.... not an object and not a sex partner but a friend.


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