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Has anybody tried the excellent new research tool called Google Scholar? The URL is 
This concentrates on academic references. The search term "paedophilia" currently yields 662 pages, while for "pedophilia" there are 1,380. Many of these links provide access to full-text articles as well as abstracts.

Have a look at 
and even more interesting, the discussion: 
(The neutrality of the article is (already) disputed.)

The DPA web site is back again, after a lot of troubles, at
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Belgian web site with an English section:
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PAIS; Links on the History of Adult Attraction to Young People; a site by Heather Elizabeth Peterson < >
This site, and the free access online journal American Sexuality at the site, looks worth keeping an eye on. Its associated peer-reviewed journal is Sexuality Research and Social Policy, edited by the eminent anthropologist Gilbert Herdt.

This is the site of the International Academy of Sex Research where abstracts of usually high-powered research papers are to be found i.e. abstracts of papers presented at its annual conferences.

Boy Links Scholarly Resources

Luis Miguel Fuentes New Web Page  


The radio station is Sure Quality Boylove Radio and its homepage is 


Barker, Jeremy M.; Pedophiles in the Closet; The Debate Over the Validity of Man/Boy Relationships Comes to Seattle

On June 8, the growing national controversy over the fairly small pro-pedophilia movement came to Seattle in the form of a poorly reported news story broadcast on KIRO 7. The day before, Monday, June 7, Larry Reynolds, the owner of Evergreen Pacific Publishing, took out ad space in The Seattle Times and The Seattle Post-Intelligencer to run an open letter to Jeffrey Bezos, the President and CEO of In the letter, Reynolds formally withdrew his company’s line of Northwest sailing guides from the on-line retailer in protest of their continued sale of David L. Riegel’s Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers, which argues that some erotic relationships between men and boys are consensual and nurturing.

Carvel, John, Report warns of rise in child abuse; GUARDIAN 04-11-16

Child sex abuse will become increasingly widespread if the government cannot
find ways to convict and treat the vast majority of paedophiles who escape all
punishment for their crimes, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation said yesterday.
Analysing police and government figures, and investigations by childrens'
charities, the report estimates that fewer than one in 50 sexual offences
results in a criminal conviction.

Conolle, Ceci, Some Abstinence Programs Mislead Teens, Report Says; Washington Post, December 2, 2004

Many American youngsters participating in federally funded abstinence-only programs have been taught over the past three years that abortion can lead to sterility and suicide, that half the gay male teenagers in the United States have tested positive for the AIDS virus, and that touching a person's genitals "can result in pregnancy," a congressional staff analysis has found.

Fitzpatrick, Marida, Paedophile uses victim's pic South Africa News, 16 November 2004

A convicted paedophile from Edenvale apparently wrote a novel about a relationship between a man and a young boy and then used a photograph of one of his alleged victims on the cover. 
"A man. A boy. And a story that touches the heart and soul," reads the book's subtitle.

Gidean feminist scholarship and victim feminists; by Ipce Member

I found a book about André Gide's sexuality which might be useful as evidence for the influence of victim-feminist thought in the academy. It makes me wonder how much more there may be. Forgive the length, but I wanted to collect my thoughts should I do a review of Gide's delightful and only recently published Le Ramier.

Hill, Simon A.; At the coalface: medical ethics in practice; The man who claimed to be a paedophile; Journal of Medical Ethics; 2000; 26:137-138

A psychiatrist recounts a case of a man presenting with severe depression who claimed to have abused children and his pet dog.
Clinical management of the case hinged on whether this claim was true, a lie or delusional. The uncertainty over this raised complex ethical dilemmas regarding confidentiality and protection of the public (and animals).

Quotes from
Hopper, Jim, Child Abuse; Statistics, Research and Resources; December 2004

When thinking about statistics on child abuse, it is helpful to know that the very idea of "child abuse" is controversial.

'I'm tired of being forced into the shadows by society'; Sunday, February 22, 2004, By RUSS FLANAGAN, The Express-Times

"I am tired of being forced into the shadows by society," Ashford said recently in an e-mail interview. "I have committed no crime, therefore there is no good reason that I should have to hide myself. As long as pedophiles continue to hide, there is no chance of them ever being accepted."

Information On Scholarly Publications; With Links + Quotes; by Ipce Member 

I have come across a number of interesting articles recently and thought people here might be interested as well.

McGowan, David, The Pedophocracy 

Next four files form a long article or essay. It contains a lot of history with names, data, etc. Regrettably, it mentions mostly the bad cases, but is gives an historical overview. I view the article as a kind of documentation.

Part I: From Brussels  

Part II: to Washington 

Part III: Uncle Sam Wants Your Children

Part IV: McMolestation 

Michell, Corey, 5-year-old caught performing sex act; November 30, 2004; THE SAGINAW NEWS

Saginaw School District leaders have suspended a 5-year-old boy who performed a sex act on a male classmate in a school restroom.

Michell, Corey, Child sex acts 'not uncommon,' experts say; December 02, 2004; THE SAGINAW NEWS

The mere mention of last week's incident at Saginaw's Morley Elementary School leaves some adults red-faced, others aghast. Such sexual experimentation, however, probably happens more often than people want to believe, two experts say.

Paedoforum in Germany is down; Why? Because of some new German laws; From: several Ipce members

Why is down? Is this a result of new legislation, or is there another reason? Both.

Pro-Pedophilia Quotes 

Riegel, David, Effects on boy-attracted pedosexual males of viewing boy erotica:  Empirical data from the Internet .    

Howitt (1995), after reviewing previous quantitative research and conducting his own case studies, concluded that viewing of child pornography was not causal to actual sexual contact between pedophiles and children. A recent survey utilizing the Internet has provided data on 321 non-clinical and non-prison male subjects who describe themselves as being sexually attracted to boys, and who have the opportunity, principally through the Internet, of viewing and reading erotic materials featuring boys. The results of this survey support Howitt.

Szasz, Thomas, The Psychiatrist as Accomplice; The Washington Times, April 28, 2002

In the long history of priests sexually abusing children, perpetrators and victims play the principal parts. However, there are two other important players in this drama, only one of which - the priests' superiors, who ignored and indeed facilitated the crimes of their subordinates - have received attention.

Reaction, by Chuck D. 

Virtannen, Matti, "Child sex network"; Transcript of a TV documentary by the Finnish state Broadcasting Company, the documentary series "MOT", aired in Finnish television on 9.10.2001.

Among the hundreds of pedophile internet sites that caughts ones
eye, there is one were the discussion is more legitimate. An
organisation called Ipce has collected a lot of litterature on the
subject. There are no pictures on the site and no links to child

The discussion is continued in the evening at a restaurant in
Berlin. I wait in vain for the discussion to turn to child contacts
or distribution of child porn. Ipce is the organisation for
responsible pedophiles and there are nothing illegal going on at
the meetings.

Woman charged for sx with 8-yr boy; Newsday, November 8, 2004 

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (AP) _ The boy's mother knew
something was wrong when her 8-year-old son began to
act out at school.

Yuill, Richard, Male Age-Discrepant Intergenerational Sexualities and Relationships

This thesis examines the construction of male age-discrepant intergenerational sexualities and relationships (MADIS) - primarily in the United Kingdom. It analyses the way in which such relationships have been constituted within hegemonic child sexual abuse (CSA) discourses, and how these in turn have been influenced by late modern material, social and cultural conditions.