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Archives of Sexual Behavior, Vol. 31, No. 6, Dec. 2002, p. 465

Introduction to the Special Section on Pedophilia:Concepts and Controversy, Kenneth J. Zucker Editor 

Is Pedophilia a Mental Disorder? Richard Green, pp. 467- 471

Book Review: Moral Panic: Changing Concepts of the Child Molester in Modern America.
By Philip Jenkins. Yale University Press, New Haven, Connecticut, 1998, Reviewed by Bruce Rind, Ph.D.

The Dilemma of the Male Pedophile, Gunter Schmidt, D.Phil., pp 473 - 477 

[19] Peer Commentaries on Green (2002) and Schmidt (2002)

Rejoinder, Richard Green, pp 505-507 

Reply:Is There Nothing Special About Adult-Child Sex? Gunter Schmidt, D.Phil. pp 509 - 510 

Retrospective Self-Reports of Childhood Accidents 
Causing Unconsciousness in Phallometrically Diagnosed Pedophiles
Ray Blanchard, Ph.D., Bruce K. Christensen, Ph.D.,  Scott M. Strong, B.S.,  James M. Cantor, Ph.D.,  Michael E. Kuban, M.Sc., Philip Klassen, M.D., Robert Dickey, M.D., and
Thomas Blak, B.A. pp 511 - 526
[PDF File of this article] 

Germaine Greer, The Beautiful Boy

A PDF file of a beautiful book about beautiful boys.

"From the childīs point of view and from the commonsense point of view, there is an enormous difference between intercourse with a willing little girl and the forcible penetration of the small vagina of a terrified child. One woman I know enjoyed sex with an uncle all through her childhood, and never realized that anything was unusual until she went away to school. What disturbed her then was not what her uncle had done but the attitude of her teachers and the school psychiatrist. They assumed that she must have been traumatized and disgusted and therefore in need of very special help. In order to capitulate their expectations, she began to fake symptoms that she did not feel, until at length she began to feel truely guilty about not having been guilty. She ended up judging herself very harshly for this innate lechery."

Chapter 12 of
Simon LeVay & Sharon Valente, Human Sexuality, Sexuality across the Life Span, is here as a PDF file. 
Chapter 12, dealing with child sexuality, looks pretty good on a quick inspection -- the Rind controversy is dealt with prominently & the recommended reading is dominated by excellent texts, including books by Floyd Martinson & Judith Levine.

Koan, a novel; Anonymous, 2005 [A Word.doc]

Levine's book "Harmful for Minors"  

Philip Jenkins, Moral Panic; Changing concepts of the child molester in modern America; Yale University Press, New haven & London, 1998
The book explores how and why concern about the sexual offender has fluctuated in North America since the late nineteenth century.
Philip Jenkins argues that all concepts of sex offenders and offenses are subject to social, political, and ideological influences and that no particular view of offenders represents an unchanging objective reality. He examines the various groups (including mass media) who have been active in promoting particular constructions of sex offenses, the impact of public attitudes on judicial and legislative responses to these crimes, and the ways in which demographic change, gender politics, and morality campaigns have shaped public opinion.

These Were My Realities; Prison Journal Of a Sex Offender; Anonymous, 2005 [A Word.doc]
[....] time I would not encourage men in this society to allow their affectionate and loving relationships with boys to become explicitly sexual.  The consequences that follow from breaking societal norms are culturally specific.  In our culture the consequences for the boy as well as for the man can be catastrophic.  This is true even if those consequences follow not from the intrinsic harm of the activity but from the blind and cruel reactions of society that is in the throes of a moral panic.  

Books are also on this external links

Foucault, Michael, 
History of Sexuality: The Care of Self - Part 6 - Boys  

Howitt, Dennis,
Paedophiles and Sexual Offences against Children
; Loughborough University, UK; John Wiley & Sons, 1995 [Out of sale]

Martinson, Floyd M., 
The Sexual Life of Children  

O'Carroll, Tom, 
Paedophilia - The Radical Case. London: Peter Owen, 1980. Contemporary Social Issues Series #12. 

Sandfort, Theo, Boys on their contacts with men: a study of sexually expressed friendships, Elmhurst, NY: Global Academic Publishers (1987).

Sharpe, John Robin, 
R. v. SHARPE: A Personal Account, November, 2001.

Wilson, Paul, 
The Man They Called A Monster, Sexual experiences between men and boys; Cassell Australia Limited, 1981 

Wilson, Glenn D. & Cox, David N., 
The Child-Lovers, A Study of Paedophiles in Society, Peter Owen, London & Boston, 1982

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