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Peer Commentaries on Green (2002) and Schmidt (2002)

Archives of Sexual Behavior, Vol. 31, No. 6, December 2002,
pp. 479 - 503

Fred S. Berlin, M.D., Ph.D.,
Pedophilia: When Is a Difference a Disorder?

Wolfgang Berner, M.D.
Pedophilic Sexual Orientation: A Fuzzy Expression

Vern L. Bullough, R.N., Ph.D.
Pedophilia and Sexual Harassment: Do They Have Similarities?

Alan F. Dixson, D.Sc.,
Abnormal Erotosexual Preferences in Human Beings: The Nature of Pedophilia

Julia A. Ericksen, Ph.D.,
Understanding Pedophilia

Dean Fazekas, M.S.S.A.,
Pedophilia: More Than A Moral Dilemma

Richard C. Friedman, M.D.,
Pedophilia: Morality and Psychopathology

George A. Gaither, Ph.D.,
Pedophilia as a Sexual Orientation?

Richard B. Krueger, M.D., and Meg S. Kaplan, Ph.D.
A Favorable View of the DSM-IV Diagnosis of Pedophilia and Empathy for the Pedophile

Ron Langevin, Ph.D.,
Yes, Virginia, There Are Real Pedophiles:
A Need to Revise and Supervise, Not Eliminate, DSM

Michael H. Miner, Ph.D.,
Pedophilia: A Psychosexual Disorder

Charles Moser, Ph.D., M.D.,
Are Any of the Paraphilias in DSM Mental Disorders?

Emil M. L. Ng, M.D.,
Pedophilia from the Chinese Perspective

Paul Okami, Ph.D.,
Muddy Waters

Robert A. Prentky, Ph.D.,
Random Musings on the Inscrutable World of Pedophilia

Bruce Rind, Ph.D.,
The Problem with Consensus Morality

Michael C. Seto, Ph.D.,
Precisely Defining Pedophilia

Robert L. Spitzer, M.D., and Jerome C. Wakefield, D.S.W.,
Why Pedophilia Is a Disorder of Sexual Attraction - At Least Sometimes

Kenneth J. Zucker, Ph.D.,
Associated Features Are Irrelevant in Deciding Whether or Not Pedophilia Is a Mental Disorder

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