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Childhood Sexuality

Normal Sexual Behavior and Development

Editors: Theo G.M. Sandfort, PhD and Jany Rademakers, PhD.

Publisher: The Haworth Press, Inc. ISBN: 0-7890-1199-9 Recommend prize: $24.95 in North America, $30.00 elsewhere Published: June 2000 Pages: 160, softcover

* The book as a PDF File

Childhood Sexuality is one of the first books to present facts about the normal sexual behavior of children under thirteen. This valuable book offers information about the relationship between age and sexual development, both mentally and physically, with males and females. Comprehensive and enlightening, Childhood Sexuality examines the difficulties of gathering this information from children and gives insight into questions that need to be answered in the future. This guide offers readers a diverse look at the complex and intriguing topic of normal child sexuality and the progress that has currently been made in this area. Childhood Sexuality explores several issues, including:

what children ages two to six think or know about sexuality

the process of body discovery among children

the importance of growing up in a positive environment


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