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01Sep10b No Cornwall ring (Fwd)


No evidence of alleged pedophile 'ring', police say

August 23rd 2001

A four-year investigation has concluded there is no truth to allegations a pedophile ring operated for decades in Cornwall, eastern Ontario.

The investigation, Project Truth, that saw police interview 672 people and identify 69 complainants. Some of the allegations harked back to the 1960s.

Police said yesterday there was no evidence the ring ever existed and that no further charges would be laid.

"We've done a very thorough, very extensive investigation and we feel there's nothing more to be done, unless new information comes to light," said Detective Jim Miller from provincial police headquarters in Orillia, Ont.

Police said all information they received in the case had been investigated.

"Investigators have also thoroughly reviewed and followed up on all information provided by ... a member of the Ontario legislature," a police release said.

Det. Miller said police carefully investigated allegations "that certain people were trying to cover this up," and found no such conspiracy.


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