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Lautmann, Rudiger: 
Highlights from Lautmann; Quotes, translated from Die Lust am Kind, Portrait des Pädofielen, Rüdiger Lautmann, Ingrid Klein Verlag, Hamburg 1994 
My question is: How do pedophiles see children? The present-day literature keeps silence about this not discussable or forbidden theme.  
We have hold interviews with sixty men. Other  men have informed us in informal interviews or have sent us letters. [...] Our respondents were for two-third boylovers, for one-third girl-lovers, while some loved boys and girls. 
Our sample is not taken from a prison or clinic population, but is as broad as possible taken from the national German population. 

Vogt, Horst, Pedophilia 
The Leipziger Study of the Social and Psychical Situation of Pedophilic Men 
Pabst Science Publishers, Lengerich, 2006  
This is a translation of 
Pädophilie; Leipzicher Studie zur gesellschaftlichen und psychischen Situation pädophiler Männer -
ISBN-10: 3-89967-323-9; ISBN-13: 978-3-89967-323-4.
The translation will gradually be given here. 
Given the fact that most of those effected find them helpful, the question arises as to what extent pedophile self-help groups are worthy of social support (e.g. making space available, club memberships, etc.). In the media, pedophile self-help groups are sometimes categorically characterized as criminal rings. Based on the author's experience, there are some serious pedophile self-help groups which incorporate expert psychological care (e.g. in Frankfurt) that certainly do not constitute criminal organizations, and which are worthy of support.